Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Blogger

hi my name is Toni and I'm a baby blogger. My family and I have taken the first steps in our journey to adopt a daughter, the missing link to the Chain family:) . Latley I've been encouraged by reading other adoption blogs. Tami's blog inspired me to start my own. I've know for years that God called me to His children and that I was to adopt, so I started a journal years ago. I have entries to all four of my children (three biological and the one to come). Yesterday I started a journal just for her and today I start this for my family and friends who want to come along for the ride. Who knows maybe God might use my blog to divinely inspire someone else. Hey we're blessed to be a blessing, right! I'll try my very best to keep up with it.
Grace 4 u & me,

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