Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks a Bunch!

Thanks a bunch to those of you who showed your care and concern through your posts. Your prayers are valuable to me. Yes, we did go through a rough patch on the adoption road but things are looking up now! I thank God for His grace, love and mercy and I hope to post in more detail soon. Blessings to you all...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Just Want To Hold Her

I just want to hold her, kiss her, and tell her how much I love her. Tomorrow will make 7 weeks since we received our referral and still we have no word of a court date! I'm not even going to front like I'm not irritated by this part of the process. It was different when I was waiting to find out who my daughter was but now that I know, I have to be with her! This feeling is almost primal...animalistic...instinct. To know your child is on another continent and you are dependent on the efficiency and diligence of someone else to unite you, is a very helpless feeling that makes me want to beat my chest and ROARRRR! Whew, but then my spirit man says to pray, make your request known unto God, cry out to the one who knows the beginning from the end...He is the only one who can bring you peace Toni. OK Lord I release it all to you, I trust in your perfect timing. We found out that there are now two court dates instead of one. The first, is for the birth relatives to give consent to the judge for the adoption. The second is where we are expected to appear in court to give our consent to adopt. From what we hear that initially trip will be about 3-4 days and the next trip is the embassy/visa appointment which is 5-7 days, and then we get to bring her home! Until then I'll channel my stress into pre-packing. A co-worker of my husbands lend us those space vac bags, so we can start packing up some of the things we will need to take on our trip. Keep us in your prayers. Blessings!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time to Bond

Here's a pic of one of the coolest gifts that I've received in a long time. Well it's not actually my gift, it's a gift for my baby girl. A good friend of mine and fellow adoptive mommy sent these books on behalf of her 1 year old daughter (these happen to be her favorite); "Please baby please" and "whose toes are those". I love them and I know my daughter will too! Reading these beautiful books to her will just give the two of us valuable time to bond. I actually think the little girl in "please baby please" resembles my daughter, minus the hair...my girl only has a few downy feathers for hair, for now:-) We're still awaiting word of a court date keep us in your prayer please, thank you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

For The Glory Of Love

My husband and I got our travel vaccines the day after we got the call for our referral. We went to a local travel clinic. It was a pretty cool experience, the walls had world map murals on them and there were corners of the clinic set up with vintage luggage...very cool. So we both got the typhoid, yellow fever, Hep A&B, and Tetanus. OUCH IE! OMG it felt like my arm was going to fall off. They said that there may be a possibility that we may feel a little fluish, but I wasn't worried about that, I was still flying high off of the day before. Well how about later that evening I felt flush, not quite like myself. Hubby made me go to bed early just to get some rest because I was a little sleep deprived. I felt worse and worse until I found myself taking cold and flu medicine that didn't quite alleviate the symptoms. I was seriously ill! I had almost every symptom that the discharge paper said I would have plus some! One night I realized that I had a tender lump under my armpit. It was so painful that I couldn't put my arm down I had to sleep with it above my head:-( I finally went to the doctor and she said that it was a moderate reaction to the vaccines. A week later I started to re-coop. Wow, I had to be the small percentage of people that gets sick, right!?!? I guess that was the exchange for labor...HA! It's all for the glory of love and I would do it all again . Oh yeah I have to go back for the next round of HEP and this time I'm getting the meningitis. I sure hope this time around isn't as dramatic. As far as the adoption goes, we are awaiting word of our court date. You may already know that Ethiopia is now requiring adoptive parents to appear in court along with a birth relative, so we will be traveling for that. I've heard that the court date usually comes 4-6 weeks after referral, so we are almost four weeks in...soon before courts close for the rainy season, please Lord! So for know we are contacting travel agents and inquiring about the journey ahead. The good thing is the kids are out for SUMMER VACATION, so our travels won't interfere with school. There are some really nice families that are ET now and they offered to bring back pictures of my sweet peach...Oh I can't wait! In the mean time for fun I'm filling her armoire with the cutest close, shoes, and let's not forget about accessories! Tomorrow my family and I are going to visit our two favorite Habesha girls. It's always a joy to hang out with fellow adoptive families. I can't wait until my baby girl completes the trio. I just thank my Father (God) for His many blessings. He is truly good!

PS: I saw this poster somewhere and I thought it was funny but true. Just know that the tears are more often tears of joy:-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We Got The Call!!!

Wow I know it's late, but I'm finally winding down from this whirlwind of a day. I'm going to take these last few minutes before I go to sleep to say..."We got the call"! This morning or should I say yesterday morning around 11:19am Ashley called with the news of an 8month old precious baby girl. After what seems like a life time of waiting it's finally my turn to post good news. She's as pretty as a peach...literally she has a round face with juicy cheeks and a brown sugar complexion with peachy undertones. I guess I will have to break out the headband because she doesn't really have any hair just a couple of downy feathers. I can't wait to send the acceptance paperwork off and get to waiting for my COURT DATE...which I hope and pray will come very soon. Tomorrow or shall I say today we're off to the travel clinic to get the vaccinations the we need to travel to Ethiopia. God is soooooo good. His mercy endures forever. The day when not one person in my house mentioned "the call" or fixated on a referral is the day the call came. I'll give you more on the details of the scene and how it all played out at a later date. Blessings to all of you who prayed and believed with us, please continue to keep us lifted in prayer as we walk out the remainder of this journey. Thank you!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Holding at #1

This is me with my nephew/godson on South Beach. The Hubs and I needed an infant parenting refresher, so we took our 3 chickadeez plus our nephew with us for a day out. It was like riding a bike! I think we're going to do just fine when our turn comes around. We're still holding at #1 on the wait list for an infant girl. Last week there was a referral for a 26 month old boy, the family only waited 3months, can you believe that! We are going on 16 months of waiting, I guess anything worth having is worth waiting for, my precious baby is definitely worth waiting for. I pray that the wait ends this week...I hope you will pray for us. We are selling a nice sofa and 2 bookcases to make room for baby. It will be replaced with a crib an armoir and a few other nursery pieces. If you are interested check out Craig's list or email me @ TFchain@aol.com. The sofa is beige micro fiber with 2 multi color pillows, reds...($250) the bookcases are black-brown from Ikea, ($90) everything is like new! Pass it on to anyone you know that may be interested let me know. I can't wait to start putting everything together for the baby's room, it'll help me with this WAIT! Hopefully the next time I post I'll have more exciting news. Until then....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Number One

Yesterday was my birthday and yesterday we made it to number one on the official wait list for CHI! Of course I was hoping to receive a referral for my birthday but number one is nice too. I enjoyed the day by relaxing and later that evening I had cake and ice cream and pizza and this and that...I was stuffed! I've informed most of my friends and family that the birthday celebration will continue until the end of the week, so there is still time to get the "BEST GIFT EVER"!

The referrals that were given out yesterday were: A 2.5 month old baby girl and a set of 6 week old girl and boy TWINS! how cool. Last week there was a referral for a 4 year old little boy. I'm happy for the families who have waited and now they get to see the faces of their precious children. I hope to post the big news soon. Until then be blessed and keep us in your prayers.

Monday, April 19, 2010


A fellow "adoption mama" is giving away a beautiful piece of jewelry. You could be the favored winner! Just go to: http://thisshubinclan.blogspot.com/ (It's a unique piece from junk posse jewelry) Check it out!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walking out Faith

Well there is no new news to announce as far a our referral goes. It's been about 3 weeks or so since our agency had any referrals. Everyday I think, "could today be the day?" but then 6PM hits and I stop hoping for that day. I'm hopeful but trying not to be anxious. It's got to happen at some point...right?:-)

Early this week we got news that those of us who haven't already received referrals or court dates will be required to be in court in order to finalize the adoption. When I initially heard that this was being considered I didn't know how to feel. I was concerned about the added costs and also having to leave my daughter and come back for another trip for the embassy appointment. Now that it's final I'm at peace about it. This is something that I can only rely on God to work it out for our good. Financially we are being wise but the full resources to complete this adoption debt free have not YET manifested in the natural. We are walking this entire adoption out on faith. Of course we have applied corresponding actions to the faith by cutting certain unnecessary spending and putting money aside in a separate adoption account. In order to help raise funds for the adoption, God has inspired me to hand make body products for men, women and children. The line is called "Konjo Beautiful" the signature product is our natural Shea body butter. So I've been getting rave reviews from people who have used it and seen a marked change for the better in there skin, people who have children with eczema and sensitive skin have been requesting larger sizes! We have lovely fragrances in addition to a fragrance free option. I will soon be introducing a head to toe oil and bath teas...To God be the Glory! I'm grateful for the inspiration to make something that will help people feel good while helping to restore the life of an orphan. If you are interested in purchasing a 6oz. tin for $12 please email me for more info. TFChain@aol.com . Pass it along to everyone you know who would be blessed by a product like Konjo Beautiful or who would just like to get in on the blessing of a family! Thank you for your time and support!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Waiting by the phone

Sunday marked our 14Th month on the wait list. 14 months ago I couldn't imagine getting to this point. I can't say that it's been a patient wait but none-the-less I'm here, we're here...my family and friends are with me on this journey. As we get closer to getting the much anticipated call I think about who I'll call first and so many people come to mind. I'm so grateful for everyone who has been genuinely interested in our adoption process. My husband and kids, who have encouraged me when I thought that I wouldn't make it. My girls...you know who you are, who assured me that it would all happen in due season and that I should never loose faith and to always trust in the perfect will of God. I thank you all. May God reward you for your loyalty and bless you more and more!
Today CHI referred 6 precious children! so I've been bumped up to #1 on the un=official wait list. I know that we're probably about #2 on the official list because I happened to find a family that is waiting for a baby girl and got on the list right before my family. Sooo ya never know...hopefully there will be good news for both of our families real soon.
My friend Jenni just got back with her baby girl! I can't wait to meet her...she is super cute. It's going to be so sweet once my little one comes home she will have some pretty cool friends to play with. The BFF's: Senait and Tsehaynesh and my little princess Shiloh. God is good!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's official! I am the parent of a teenager. My daughter and oldest child turned 13 years old. She is sooo beautiful and full of potential. For her birthday she went out on her first date with the nice guy in the picture. Her father my sweet husband was proud to have her on his arm that night. He actually picked out the cutest outfit and accessories for their date. They enjoyed a meal at Olive Garden and walked around Books-A-Million...how sweet is that! As my first born turns thirteen I realize that we have been on the wait list for referral for 13 months. Our adoption consultant says that it shouldn't be long before we get "the call", all we need is a good handful of baby girls. In the meantime we take care of documents that need to be updated as to not interfere with travel. Next month we re-take our fingerprints. I was surprised at how quickly we got an appointment. We already did an updated home study so I would say we are at a good point...just waiting.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Here's to Hope

Here is a tulip for all of those families waiting for referral and to those who are waiting to pass court...Keep hope alive!

Keep the Faith

There were 7 referrals given out this week...1 set of infant twin boys. I am happy for all the families. most of the referrals were given out to families that were under me on the list. The family that got the twin referral waited 15 months...I know that they are over the moon with joy. My friend Ailida passed court this week after a delay the first time around. My friend Jenni just got news that her baby girl will be home sometime in mid March. I love good news! To those who are waiting to pass court keep your head up! To those who have been passed over for referrals and you're wondering when will it be my turn?...keep hope alive! It's coming, she's coming, he's coming!
Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not YET seen. Keep the faith.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Passed the One Year Mark

Today makes one year and 3 days on the wait list. I feel like the moment is near, but I try not to get my hopes up on any given day. There have been no referrals reported in the past two weeks. I hope and pray that the next flood of referrals that come in is my baby girl. I feel a prayer coming on:
Father in the name of Jesus send (soon) the referral of my child. Arrest any hindrances that may come to try to hold up our family's adoption. Even now oh Lord, keep and protect her from all hurt harm or danger. Provide and meet her needs and the needs of her caregivers. Send hope to her birth-family, bless them for loving her enough to give her the opportunity to live the life that you intended for her. Lord I know this is your will and I know that you have a purpose for this adoption...order our steps, be a light unto our path. I send this prayer up, not only for me but for all the children and families waiting to be united...waiting for referral, court dates, travel, escort...I pray for all workers that are involved in the adoption process from agency workers to orphanage workers. Father let your grace be on each one of them. Let your grace be upon the judges in Ethiopia to do there jobs in excellence and let it be on the attorney's that they will work diligently to accomplish all that is needed to connect the children to forever families. Father-God grant traveling mercies to all who are going and returning with there little blessings. Holy Spirit intercede for the things that I don't see or understand.... In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray... Amen!

PS. Lord-God send now the resources,money...to complete this adoption. In Jesus' name. There is a song that we sing in church it goes:
My God is more than enough He will supply all my needs He is my Elshaddai He always looks out for me. Jehovah Jireh...He is my God!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My name is Toni and I'm and Etsy-O-Holic

There should be an Etsy-O-Holic Anonymous or something...I'm addicted to the creative handmade items that I find on Etsy...especially the baby things! I don't want to go broke before I get a referral:-( It won't happen I'm a pretty good steward. I usually don't spend money unless I feel like I just can't let it go and even with that I may sleep on it. Hey if it's meant for me it'll be there right? Well not always, with handmade OOAK's you may not get so lucky. I bought a great ring sling to carry my little one around semi hands free. I got the last one of it's kind...red and cream old world print. I can't wait to see it up close and personal, i'll give a review on it when it comes. I'm going to start my own Etsy site for my natural, handmade body products...so you'll see me under Konjo Beauty real soon. Check it out and support the other creatives that are out there.

On another note I ask you to stand in agreement with me for the restoration of Haiti both physically and spiritually. We all have seen the devestation the land and it's people have experienced. Whenever you feel sad or depressed by the news coverage just use that energy to cry out to God the Father for healing in Jesus' name.

PS. I gorged myself on Ethiopian food this weekend. We had a great turn out for our post Genna celebration. Coffee was wonderful! The owner choose my youngest son to pass around the popcorn but he and his buddies stuffed their mouths and finished the entire basket! Coffee was goood...did i say that already? I took it overboard when I had a slice of Tiramisu...a slice of heaven!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Mine was celebrated with family and friends. It's wonderful just to watch the young ones tear through gift after gift and to listen to the giddy squealing of joy when they have gotten just what they wanted. Although I've allowed my children to unwrap their gifts, they were only allowed to choose 3 to open. If they do right and take care of their things they will be allowed to open another. This year I'm teaching the kids to be good stewards. I tell them if they are faithful over little they could be faithful over much. With our family pursuing adoption It only make sense to me that I inform my children of the needs of others in our world and teach them to be grateful for what they have. I want them to understand that the people who blessed them with such great things work hard in order to do so and they must appreciate and thank God for His many blessings.
We spent New Years Eve in church. Although my husband and I spent most of the night helping to ensure the smooth running of things it was great to be in service to Gods people. We had an unexpected turn out...Can you say O for Overflow?! So many people showed that we had to set up a flat screened t.v outside with a live feed of the service and set up chairs in order to accommodate all the people. It just amazes me that there are still some people that would rather bring in the new year in the house of God instead of a night club. Not everyone was happy about not getting a seat inside but you can't please them all can you?
2010 is starting out wonderfully as far as the adoption world goes. Today we had at least 6 referrals...2 sets of twins too! I'm sooo happy for the families. I know that every referral gets me closer to my own. I thought it would take some time for the agency to get cranking after the long vacation but they jumped in with both feet! We must be getting close...my husband called me twice today to ask me what else we needed to do tho get this adoption accomplished. I guess that's his fomr of nesting. He's a man...a provider...a good husband and a great daddy! I can't wait to see him with his baby girl. I myself am in serious nesting mode. I ordered the bedding and almost rearranged the room at two in the morning. She'll be here sooner than I know. Bless the Lord Oh my soul!!! sooner than I think.