Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Walking out Faith

Well there is no new news to announce as far a our referral goes. It's been about 3 weeks or so since our agency had any referrals. Everyday I think, "could today be the day?" but then 6PM hits and I stop hoping for that day. I'm hopeful but trying not to be anxious. It's got to happen at some point...right?:-)

Early this week we got news that those of us who haven't already received referrals or court dates will be required to be in court in order to finalize the adoption. When I initially heard that this was being considered I didn't know how to feel. I was concerned about the added costs and also having to leave my daughter and come back for another trip for the embassy appointment. Now that it's final I'm at peace about it. This is something that I can only rely on God to work it out for our good. Financially we are being wise but the full resources to complete this adoption debt free have not YET manifested in the natural. We are walking this entire adoption out on faith. Of course we have applied corresponding actions to the faith by cutting certain unnecessary spending and putting money aside in a separate adoption account. In order to help raise funds for the adoption, God has inspired me to hand make body products for men, women and children. The line is called "Konjo Beautiful" the signature product is our natural Shea body butter. So I've been getting rave reviews from people who have used it and seen a marked change for the better in there skin, people who have children with eczema and sensitive skin have been requesting larger sizes! We have lovely fragrances in addition to a fragrance free option. I will soon be introducing a head to toe oil and bath teas...To God be the Glory! I'm grateful for the inspiration to make something that will help people feel good while helping to restore the life of an orphan. If you are interested in purchasing a 6oz. tin for $12 please email me for more info. . Pass it along to everyone you know who would be blessed by a product like Konjo Beautiful or who would just like to get in on the blessing of a family! Thank you for your time and support!

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