Monday, November 16, 2009

A Time of Celebration

What a wonderful time of celebration I had this weekend. Saturday, a good friend of mine had her baby shower. She waited almost 16 months to get her referral for a baby girl from Ethiopia and she finally got it! Some women from her church put together a beautiful gathering...the food was delicious and the gifts were amazing. Her mother in law painted a beautiful portrait of there daughter and the big sister to be painted adorable butterflies on a canvas for the nursery. Someone else gave and adoption life book and another gave Ethiopian children's books. What thought and care they put into this event. What was new to me is that we didn't play any shower games. I mean it's an adoption shower, you can't really play the traditional games like: guess how big the belly is in toilet paper... I thought it was cool though. We ate, had fellowship and opened gifts (my favorite part) .
Then on Sunday, our friend who came back with her precious baby girl two months ago had a baby dedication. I didn't make it to the church for the dedication because of my own ministry involvement but we did make it to the restaurant to celebrate the blessed day! Mommy and daughter are's like they've been together a life time. It was good to see how supportive the family and friends were. We went to "Nile: Ethiopian Restaurant". Yummy-licious. That food is the bomb! The service was excellent too. The setting was elegant and rich in Ethiopian culture. I think when my time comes around, I would like to have an event there also.
This weekend showed me to once again stay focused on the assignment that God has given. His word shall not returned to Him void but shall go forth to accomplish what it was sent to do. I know that I know that I know that our adoption is the will of the Lord and it was just an encouragement to be with like minded people who have seen their assignment through.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another One

Yes! another referral came in yesterday for a precious 4 1/2 month old baby boy. So according to my un-official wait list, all the boy preferences are filled. So let's pray for girls (infant & toddler) and sibling groups to pour down, like fresh rain:-). Hopefully this means we are on a referral roll.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

This morning I prayed that God would send the referrals pouring in. I prayed that he would comfort those that have been waiting so long for their little blessings. Wow! God works quick when he wants to. We had 4 referrals yesterday and 1 today! Even though three of them were given to people below me on the list I'm still happy to see progress. A lovely lady that I have met through this process who was expecting her referral to come some time in Feb. got "The Call" for a beautiful 4 year old little girl. She is ready too, the room is complete closet is filled with clothes for a sweet little princess to inhabit. If my math is correct we are about number 12 on the infant girls (un official) list. The list just helps to keep you in perspective, as you can see you can be skipped if the child available doesn't match your preference. So for instance numbers 2 and 3 were skipped because they want infant girls (like me) and there was and infant boy that needed a forever family, so that bay boy was placed with number 4 who happened to be the perfect match. It's ok their baby (like mine) isn't ready yet. Don't worry be happy, it's gonna happen...before you know it!