Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas To All !

I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas. So many of my fellow adoptive parents have received early Christmas gifts in the form of referrals and court dates...I was hoping for one but hey it's not my time. My hubby thinks we'll get a February referral. Well, God only knows. I'm just grateful to have another year with my beautiful children and loving husband. I'm looking forward to meeting up with our Ethiopia Adopt Group and having a "Melkam Genna",(Merry Christmas in Amharic) celebration at our local Ethiopian Restaurant. I miss the food...craving sambusa's. Ethiopia honors the day on January 7th so we get to stretch out the season and the gifts LOL. Again, enjoy your holiday and have a happy New Year...see you in 10'

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I won... I won... I won!

What a wonderful morning it is. Today I recieved the "Kreativ Blogger" award. I am honored and humbly accept. I also thank Alida for nominating me. There are some ground rules for the recipent of the noble award. First, you must acknowledge the one who nominated you...did that. Then you must tell 7 things about yourself. And lastly award 7 other bloggers the award. Ok so here we go...7 things about me:

1) I am the first generation American in my family. My father and mother migrated to the states from Trinidad and Tobago which is a carribean island in/near South America. I had the best of both worlds; Trini food,calypso/soca music at home. In school or at my friends houses, cheeseburgers, pizza, and hip hop music. Interesting.

2) I traveled with my parents as a youngster because my dad was in the Army. Live in Germany a couple of times but I don't remember much of the language. If I could...traveling would be a frequent hobby of mine, even though there's no place like home.

3) I love being creative. Tutus with coordinating accessories...I love, love, love it! My baby girl gonna have every color tutu on the planet. I make natural shea body butter...some with yummy fragrances. Konjo: Beautiful is what I call it and if you like some just send me a message and I'll hook you up. All the procceeds go to benefit orphans in Ethiopia.

4) I married my highschool sweet heart. We have ten proud years together, 3 beautiful kids and 1 more coming soon (I hope) I'm so in love with my family and I'm grateful to God for His many blessings.

5) I am a leader in my church, an "elder" to be specific. I love my relationship with God and I'm am honored to serve his people. I am currently the department head of the greeters. We are the one who hug on the people and welcome them into the house of the Lord.

6) I am the oldest of 3 girls. So I was like a mama duck before I had children of my own. I wanted to adopt since age 7. I would hear the stories of how people would leave their babies in dumpters and would pray that God would make them bring the baby to our doorstep. Even though I haven't gotten my daughter yet I was inspired to go for it again and start the proccess for another adoption. I'm praying about it.

7) People meet me an think that I'm just a prime and proper princess (which I am that...sometimes) Once you get to know me you will realize that I have an eclectic personality. I'm ever changing. I love to laugh and have fun. I don't believe in taking yourself to seriously. I want to be who god created me to be and nothing less. I love good friends and I'm a loyalist.

And the nominees are: (drum roll)

Alida: She actually reads my blog and leaves comments. She is so supportive and I appreciate her blogs. She is the mother to an "Ethiopian Jewel". She inspired me to prepare for my child as she had her daughters room finished when she completed her dossier.

Angela: I appreciate her blog because she is transparent. She shares her heart with the readers. She and hubby are in the proccess of adopting too.

Nicole: she is adopting another baby girl from China. I admire her so much. She had 2 healthy bio boys and adopted 2 girls with spine abifida. Her blog is private though, but I still wanted her to get the honor. We also lived in the same neigborhood and our kids went to school togeher. We met on the bus stop and she offered to noterized my paper work for dossier.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


My friend Jenni passed court for her precious baby girl. She got some updated pictures and I must say little "S" is a beauty queen in the making. I'm so happy for them, they waited for sooo long and soon they will be together forever.

CHI had 3 referrals this far. That's great news! 2 infant girls and 1 little prince. Several families received court dates we are progressing as an agency and individually. I pray that the referrals/court dates keep coming consistantly. Last week there were no referrals, I think that's because it was the Thanksgiving holiday and the agency offices were closed for a few days. I'm still hoping that my referral will come in by the end of the month. Someone said that the wait times are now 14-15 months. God only knows...I don't. I will stay the course. I must tell myself that and believe it. It's not's not, but I encourage myself and I look to my fellow adoption sojourners for strength. I know i'll soon be reporting my good news but until then I will rejoice with those who are rejoicing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Time of Celebration

What a wonderful time of celebration I had this weekend. Saturday, a good friend of mine had her baby shower. She waited almost 16 months to get her referral for a baby girl from Ethiopia and she finally got it! Some women from her church put together a beautiful gathering...the food was delicious and the gifts were amazing. Her mother in law painted a beautiful portrait of there daughter and the big sister to be painted adorable butterflies on a canvas for the nursery. Someone else gave and adoption life book and another gave Ethiopian children's books. What thought and care they put into this event. What was new to me is that we didn't play any shower games. I mean it's an adoption shower, you can't really play the traditional games like: guess how big the belly is in toilet paper... I thought it was cool though. We ate, had fellowship and opened gifts (my favorite part) .
Then on Sunday, our friend who came back with her precious baby girl two months ago had a baby dedication. I didn't make it to the church for the dedication because of my own ministry involvement but we did make it to the restaurant to celebrate the blessed day! Mommy and daughter are's like they've been together a life time. It was good to see how supportive the family and friends were. We went to "Nile: Ethiopian Restaurant". Yummy-licious. That food is the bomb! The service was excellent too. The setting was elegant and rich in Ethiopian culture. I think when my time comes around, I would like to have an event there also.
This weekend showed me to once again stay focused on the assignment that God has given. His word shall not returned to Him void but shall go forth to accomplish what it was sent to do. I know that I know that I know that our adoption is the will of the Lord and it was just an encouragement to be with like minded people who have seen their assignment through.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another One

Yes! another referral came in yesterday for a precious 4 1/2 month old baby boy. So according to my un-official wait list, all the boy preferences are filled. So let's pray for girls (infant & toddler) and sibling groups to pour down, like fresh rain:-). Hopefully this means we are on a referral roll.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

This morning I prayed that God would send the referrals pouring in. I prayed that he would comfort those that have been waiting so long for their little blessings. Wow! God works quick when he wants to. We had 4 referrals yesterday and 1 today! Even though three of them were given to people below me on the list I'm still happy to see progress. A lovely lady that I have met through this process who was expecting her referral to come some time in Feb. got "The Call" for a beautiful 4 year old little girl. She is ready too, the room is complete closet is filled with clothes for a sweet little princess to inhabit. If my math is correct we are about number 12 on the infant girls (un official) list. The list just helps to keep you in perspective, as you can see you can be skipped if the child available doesn't match your preference. So for instance numbers 2 and 3 were skipped because they want infant girls (like me) and there was and infant boy that needed a forever family, so that bay boy was placed with number 4 who happened to be the perfect match. It's ok their baby (like mine) isn't ready yet. Don't worry be happy, it's gonna happen...before you know it!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I try to practice patience as most will read in my previous blogs, but today I can't say that I'm not disappointed:-(. The weekly report from my agency is that there are NO referrals to report! You would think with 6 orphanages on the team and plenty of children needing forever families that the process would be consistent. I guess it it is consistently SLOW! My agency and most that work with Ethiopia is very ethical. So, I understand the all t's must me crossed and all i's must be dotted but my goodness, I never imagined it to be like this! My prayers and comfort go out to those families that have been waiting since August 08'. Keep your head up. It's going to happen soon. The good news is that court dates are coming in and a couple of families actually passed on the first try, congratulations! Our director gave some good advice to help ease the sting of the wait. She said to complete your child's room, learn some Amharic or even learn to cook some Ethiopian food. I'm going to try to do all of the above. To tell you the truth I don't feel the pressure of the wait until I hear others talk about it. So sometimes I have to take a break from any adoption talk at all.
Oh, I had one of my crazy adoption dreams again. I'm in a room and someone gives me the wrong child! I know it was the wrong child because the kid was 3 years old and my child will be an infant. Instead of accepting the mistake and loving the child as my own, like I usually do in the other dreams, I go looking for the person in charge to tell them that they made a mistake. " I was approved for an infant!" I tell her. I start pointing out other baby girls that haven't been matched, asking what's the deal? Why not her or her? Anyways, weird right? I've had some strange ones...I guess it's what I've heard people refer to as "adoption hormones." Have you or anyone you know every experienced this?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Number Nine Is Fine!

Today marks our ninth month of waiting for a referral. I'm happy that we've come this far in the process. When we first started, the wait was four months, then 6, 10...I don't know what their saying the wait is now. Someone mentioned 13 months. I know that it will happen in His perfect timing, so there really is no rush that I feel. What is affecting me is not knowing the time. I am a planner and I like to know what I will be doing and when I will be doing it and who I will be doing it with. I have what the weather will be like when we travel to Ethiopia. What size baby clothes to buy, you know the basics. But it's all good, it's part of the experience. I feel blessed to go through it and have these feelings and emotions to share with my daughter so she knows that she was much anticipated, loved and planned for. So I work with what I have and I leave the rest to God. I'm trying to stay focused on the assignment in front of me. Although people and circumstances try to steal my attention with foolishness, I quickly re-focus my attention on God and the assignment. Who cares if folks don't understand that you can't give your time and attention to this or that, they are entitled to their opinions. Because that is all it is...opinion, not fact! As long as I/we focus on staying with in the PERFECT will of God we will be just fine, as fine as the number nine!
PS. we got the crib a couple weeks ago and yesterday I got the travel system and found a chic diaper bag to boot! The diaper bag is usually on the high end ($299) but I was blessed to get it for $59 with a free tote! Getting a deal is always fun.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finding Treasures 2

Here is another treasure that I found a few years back before I even started the adoption proccess. It's a children's book by Blu Greenburg an Ethiopian Jew. This is an interesting children's book about King Solomon and Queen Makeda. It's beautifuly illustrated and even came with paper dolls to play dress-up. I think I got mine from amazon. com but Barnes and Nobles has it too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finding Treasures

I bought this doll a year or so ago as a collectors item for my daughter( the one on the way) It's beautifully made and is a regal image of the history of Ethiopia. From what I remember, the clothing was actually made in the country. The doll is so detailed...even showing the tattooing around her neck that was common in that region and time. Mine came with a book and CD. Now you can special order her crown. I'll be calling to get that soon, what's royalty with out a crown right. for those of you who are interested in collecting this doll. It was only fitting for me because I have a doll that represents Jamaica (my husbands Mother) complete with knitted Kufi hat, braids, beads and all. I also have a doll that represents Trinidad (my parents homeland) outfitted with a beautiful black red and gold sari. Adorned with henna tattooing on her hands and all. The Queen Makeda Doll is a welcome addition to the bunch. I'm proud of my heritage and I want to fuse my daughters rich heritage with my own. It's interesting that some of the Ethiopian culture resembles my own. For example: Injera (bread) has a similar concept to Roti (bread) We stuff roti with yummy stuff like curry chicken and potatoes and they use injera to pick up the food and eat it, using no utensils...just fingers, like us. And the most treasured finding so far is that I found out my mother's name, great grandmother's name and several other females in my family are named "Keren". I've never met anyone other than my family members with the name "Keren". Well one day CHI announced that they were cleared to facilitate humanitarian work out of Tigray a northern region in Ethiopia. So I decided to do some research on the northern regions and to my surprise there is an area called "Keren"! Come to find out Keren is not so uncommon of a name in Ethiopia. What a connection! What an Honor! Who knows what else God will lead me to learn about myself and my precious Jewel.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Oh yes we nest.

Nesting is an urge that most pregnant women get, starting around the 5 month of pregnancy. An overwhelming feeling to get the house in order. Cleaning, completing projects, putting together baby's crib... I had this feeling with all three of my pregnancies. Lately I've been feeling the same urge. Cleaning, wanting everything to stay perfect for the baby. God forbid the referral call comes and there are dishes in the sink! So for all you POP's out there (pregnant on paper) You're not the only one that's obsessed about preparing for your child. We're not only POP we are pregnant in our bodies too. Your heart is where this child was conceived and is growing, right? So go with it. Don't deprive yourself of the adoption experience. I was fighting the urge because I didn't want to be disappointed, but my S.W. encouraged me to nest. She explained that whether the baby comes now or later...she's coming! And when she does I'll be ready.

PS. Yipee! courts have re-opened. This means that those who have been waiting on their day in court, it's coming soon. I hope that you will all pass court the FIRST time around and that you will be united with you're children soon. CHI reported 2 referrals to 1 family today. Congratulations to them all !

Monday, September 28, 2009

Marriage...It's a good thing.

This isn't the best quality picture. It was taken with a cell phone. But I love it so much! Hubby still thinks I'm the best thing since sliced bread and I feel the same about him. We were at a friends 25 year wedding anniversary and we had a blast! My kids swept and mopped the floor with their cool dance moves (stanky leg and all). Even me and the hubs caused a little friction dancing to reggae music. In a time when people marry and divorce just as casually as they meet, it is refreshing to see a husband and wife stay together through the good, the bad and the ugly. I pray that hubby and I will have a beautiful, long and properous life together. Ten blessed years and counting!

PS. do I look eight months pregnant to you? HA! gotcha.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Beginings

I didn't even realize that yesterday marked the 8th month of waiting for that call from our case worker to tell us that they found the perfect little girl for us. I'm believing that October will be the blessed month ! Yesterday I baby sat my god son Maddox for a while. I love him so much. He's about 15 months and into everything.
So I try to make some turkey sausage but I get all caught in a jam session on the guitar with him. All of a sudden I smell this smokey burning odor AAAHHH! I realize, my breakfast is burning. Oh no, am I rusty already. It's been about six years since I had a baby in my home. Well It was good preparation, I'm sure it'll be old had when she finally comes. Here's the joke, I'm sitting talking to his mom when my phone rings. I usually don't answer unrecognizable numbers but it's 314...314,314? Oh St. Louise, could it be CHI? So I answer, "Hello" .... nope, not CHI, my cousin who recently moved to St. Louis. It was good to hear from her though. I guess it was a test run. Stay ready, right?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Blessed 2 B A Blessing

Some of you who may see this blog may know me and know my heart for orphans. Some may not know me but can relate to me because we're in a similar process. And some may be curious or just browsing info on adoption. It doesn't matter why your reading this, it only matters what you do after you've read it. My husband and I have answered the call to adopt an orphan from Ethiopia. We have been blessed to have three children and now God has challenged us to open our hearts and our home to another. We are so humbled and honor that He trust us with His heart.
As we get closer to bringing our child home, we are faced with certain expenses that are required to complete the process. We have already invested a great deal of time and money, but we realize that we are going to need your help. We understand that not everyone can adopt a child but the word of Go say "Let every man give as it purpose in his heart." We would be overjoyed if you would be a part of this blessing with us. You can support us by clicking the "Donate" button on the right hand side. We ask that you give at least $10, of course we won't reject more :-)
We thank you in advance and may peace and favor rest on you and yours!
-Rowland & Toni

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Habakkuk 2:3

"But these things I plan won't happen right away, slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3
Oh how my Father in heaven loves me. He loves me enough to send comfort to me, or should I say instruction through His word. You know I have three children already, and when I was in labor with them I would envision a flower opening up in order for me to get through the labor experience. So for me to get through the adoption waiting experience I just remember Habakkuk 3:5 and envision a caterpillar waiting to become a beautiful butterfly. Butterflies often symbolize new beginnings, I am exciting about my new beginning! My new daughter, a new princess to join the royal court: Princess Neki, Prince Zion and Prince Noe`are all awaiting the announcement of their baby sister, In due season....Peace.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That's a NO NO!

Ok. by now any one breathing should know about the disrespect that Kanye WHACK showed Taylor Swift an upcoming country music singer who one her first VMA award. Well, Kanye went up during Taylor's acceptance of her award and took the mic and said that Beyonce's Single Ladies video was the best ever. That's a NO NO. Who gave him the authority to be sooo rude? After I called him a jerk multiple times, I thought to myelf, why, why would he do that? Was he not thinking? Why wasn't he thinking? So this was my revelation; We all know that he is genius at what he does. He is gifted by God, but if he is not living for God and giving God true glory for the gift...grace begins to run out, wisdom begins to fade. I know that it's alot for celebrities to deal with being public figures and on top of it all his mother passing away but Kanye must remember the Grace of God that saved him from an accident that could have killed him. We as humans tend to forget the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. It's a NO, NO to hurt another person, either physical (Chris Brown and Rhianna) or emotional (Kanye West and Taylor Swift). So I was compelled to pray for Kanye and Taylor. My prayer is that they both would be comforted by the Holy Spirit and that they would have true revelation of who they are to God. I pray that their identity would be in Christ and that they would live for Him and use the opportunity that they have to be celebrities with wisdom and discerntment. In Jesus name!
PS, I'm proud of the way Beyonce handled it. She apologized to Taylor and allowed Taylor to have her moment during Beyonce's acceptance of an award. Way to go Beyonce, you handled it with much grace.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shea Butter

This is a pure unrefined African Shea Butter. I don't remember where I purchased mine but you can check out Shea butter has great healing properties and is great for all skin types,especially those with dry skin or excema. Also makes a great hairdressing.

Crafty Mama

I'm so proud of myself. today I made (2) 4 oz jars of natural shea body butter for my husband and kids. Ohh, I already have plans to make tons more...especially when the baby comes, I'd know exactly what's going on her skin. The fragrance for him is called "Boaz" it has a kind of musky sent and the one for the kids is called "Happy Day" it sorta smells like birthday cake (hence the name).

My next project besides the more body butter (excellent for dry skin and hair) I'm going to make some sachets. These will be geared towards infants and toddlers. Hang it by their crib or stick in their drawer to make there clothes smell good. I guess putting my mind, and hands to creating something helps me to be a little more patient while waiting for my preciouse one.

Melkam Addis Amet!

Happy New Year Ethiopia! I'm sure the people are celebrating and rejoicing to have made it another year. may God bless your land and people. Amen!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Year

Last year my youngest was in Kindergarten, now he's off to first grade! The boys didn't even want me to walk them to their classes. When they were babies at home with me I never thought that I would see the day when I wouldn't have to change stinky diapers on a regular. I'm actually looking forward to doing it all over again. I'm ready to add my baby girl to the threesome and make it even. Today was the first time since we started the adoption proccess that I felt disconnected. Maybe because my case worker resigned and it took three weeks to get a "weekly" report. Or could it be that I told God that I would not complain and he is testing me something that I would think is worthy of complaint. I'm dissapointed to say that I didn't pass this one. I sent an email to my new case worker COMPLAINING:-(...:-} Hey, I've been waiting since Jan.09 and have been in the proccess since Jan.08 and I can't get a program update? I just needed to know what the deal was. Needles to say it's Labor Day weekend, so I put myself in even more a FUNK be-cause everyone is out of office and won't respond until Tue. my self inflicted punishment. When I made the "no complaint vow" a small voice inside said " you know I'm gonna prove you, right? At the time I was feeling on top of the world so I said "that's cool" HA! A few hours later, I complained to my girlfriend, who by the way is leaving for ET on the 12th yipee! I new she didn't need to hear it but I knew she would understand. Enty who...patience is a virtue that I will try to put into practice. PEACE

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Noe`

Well for two weeks now there have been no referrals with CHI. I guess they're catching up on the abandonment cases. So there's not much to report. My 5 guy is now my 6 guy. Wonder Works was a great and not so expensive place to have his birthday party. He is such a precious gift to me and he's growing sooo fast...already going to first grade. It was great to have our out of town family come to honor him. I'll be sure to post some pictures as soon as I upload them.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here is my debut as Americas Next Top Christian Model. A minister in my church calls me "Elder Fashion Fair". I was so nervous but proud to represent how beautiful God is and how blessed we are to be created in His image.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crazy man (with Cuban accent)

The past couple of months have been CRAZY! First I should mention that Hubby and I celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss this month. My Yaya passed away just a few days before my anniversary, that would make the third death in my family that occured during my anniversary month (My Dad, His Dad and now my Grandmother). Oh and I can not forget the King of Pop, Farrah... Whew, what is the deal.

Happy news, a great freind through this adoption proccess got a referral for an adorable baby girl. Her wait was about 7/8 months. I'm so happy for her. Last month I got to strut my stuff on the runway at our church's style show for our annual women's conference. I was sooo nervouse but it turned out to be really fun. I even got an offer from one of the boutique owners to model for theie catalog and the photographer offered me a free phot shoot. HA! this could be the start of something new ( ANTCM) America's next top Christian model. and over the age of 30? hey it could happen.

God is alway working me through patience. Even when I would find out that I was pregnant I wanted to know what the sex of the baby was, go shopping for baby clothes...and was ready to hold the baby and behold his/her beautiful face. This adoption proccess can be a lil crazy man (Cuban accent) It's about to be seven months of waiting and I'm already on edge waiting to get The Call. I know that I need to get it out of my pretty little head and come to grips with the chance that it may be months before I get a referral. Hubby thinks it will be the end of Sept. begining of October. I'm hoping that it'll be more like the end of August begining of Oct. I know that courts close in Ethiopia for the rainy season so that realistically will take us to the very end of the year begining 2010! what do I do with all this time on my hands waiting for baby? I want to buy things for her in preparation for her arrival but I want to have the funds needed to bring her home and not be broke. I trust that God will povide but I need to be a good steward over what He has given me. I hope I'm not rambling on, I just have so much on my mind. It's all good:-)

Friday, May 22, 2009

What it looks like

This is what my hope looks like today:) Purple water lilies...beautiful.

Giddy Girl

I am sooo giddy right now! Today CHI reported that they had 7 referrals this week! I feel like doing the cabbage patch the running man and the kid & play (dance that is). Although we've only been on the waiting list for five months, I feel like at least I am seeing progress. I don't know where I am on the list but I know I move up with every referral. After the lull in referrals the past few months I sorta felt like I would be a geriatric patient before I saw my baby, but today a glimmer of hope came back to me. Congratulations to all those parents who waited patiently for a blessing to come there way. It'll be my turn soon. Since it seems like the average wait time is 8 months we are looking at an Aug./Sept. referral. I pray that no hindrances come against the adoption of my child or anyone else's in the mighty name of Jesus! Perfect those things concerning me... and... you. Amen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So sophisticated

I am in love with this nursery! This is truly a sophisticated and feminine baby room. Even though there is no pink, it is still girly. I love the birdie mobile because little birds remind me of all my chickadees. "My Love" will love it! Oh by the way I am registered at for these nursery items.:)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby's First Rocker

This is an adorable rocker that we picked up for "My Love". It will go perfectly with the bedding and accessories for her nursery. I don't know if you can make it out but it's chocolate brown and white dots,luuuuv it!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My end of the bargain

I guess i haven't kept up my end of the bargain. I know that I said that I would keep up with this blogging thing but the truth is I am skeptical about putting my life out there. I have come to realize that I am more of an voyeur than and exhibitionist. I am intrigued by the lives of others but only expose my life to my nearest and dearest. Is it selfish of me? Well what ever one might think it's my prerogative:)
Now that I have been inspired (once again) to step out of the bubble I will (once again) put on my blogger hat and "just do it"
Oh so much going on. The wait is on, referral wait that is. Almost 5 months. I'm tying to let patience work her perfect will, but like anyone else who has a divine vision , I can get a little antsy...ya know? In the meantime I will be posting pictures of some of the goodies that I have acquired for " my love". Oh for the sake of blogging I will refer to the baby girl that I am waiting for as "My love" because in the journal that i started for her I (9 out of 10 times) open it up with: hello My Love.