Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Beginings

I didn't even realize that yesterday marked the 8th month of waiting for that call from our case worker to tell us that they found the perfect little girl for us. I'm believing that October will be the blessed month ! Yesterday I baby sat my god son Maddox for a while. I love him so much. He's about 15 months and into everything.
So I try to make some turkey sausage but I get all caught in a jam session on the guitar with him. All of a sudden I smell this smokey burning odor AAAHHH! I realize, my breakfast is burning. Oh no, am I rusty already. It's been about six years since I had a baby in my home. Well It was good preparation, I'm sure it'll be old had when she finally comes. Here's the joke, I'm sitting talking to his mom when my phone rings. I usually don't answer unrecognizable numbers but it's 314...314,314? Oh St. Louise, could it be CHI? So I answer, "Hello" .... nope, not CHI, my cousin who recently moved to St. Louis. It was good to hear from her though. I guess it was a test run. Stay ready, right?

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Kris & Staci said...

know what you mean! We're caller-id vultures now. Just waiting for CHI to show up on our tv screen. Heck, we're even answering the "unknown caller" calls and telemarketers just in case!