Friday, September 18, 2009

Blessed 2 B A Blessing

Some of you who may see this blog may know me and know my heart for orphans. Some may not know me but can relate to me because we're in a similar process. And some may be curious or just browsing info on adoption. It doesn't matter why your reading this, it only matters what you do after you've read it. My husband and I have answered the call to adopt an orphan from Ethiopia. We have been blessed to have three children and now God has challenged us to open our hearts and our home to another. We are so humbled and honor that He trust us with His heart.
As we get closer to bringing our child home, we are faced with certain expenses that are required to complete the process. We have already invested a great deal of time and money, but we realize that we are going to need your help. We understand that not everyone can adopt a child but the word of Go say "Let every man give as it purpose in his heart." We would be overjoyed if you would be a part of this blessing with us. You can support us by clicking the "Donate" button on the right hand side. We ask that you give at least $10, of course we won't reject more :-)
We thank you in advance and may peace and favor rest on you and yours!
-Rowland & Toni

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Kris & Staci said...

Was just looking over the CHI yahoo site and stumbled across your blog. Your ticker in the corner says you've been waiting 8 months. Is that how long since your dossier was sent to Ethiopia? Look forward to following your blog from here on out. Good luck to you guys!

Kris & Staci Hansel