Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Year

Last year my youngest was in Kindergarten, now he's off to first grade! The boys didn't even want me to walk them to their classes. When they were babies at home with me I never thought that I would see the day when I wouldn't have to change stinky diapers on a regular. I'm actually looking forward to doing it all over again. I'm ready to add my baby girl to the threesome and make it even. Today was the first time since we started the adoption proccess that I felt disconnected. Maybe because my case worker resigned and it took three weeks to get a "weekly" report. Or could it be that I told God that I would not complain and he is testing me something that I would think is worthy of complaint. I'm dissapointed to say that I didn't pass this one. I sent an email to my new case worker COMPLAINING:-(...:-} Hey, I've been waiting since Jan.09 and have been in the proccess since Jan.08 and I can't get a program update? I just needed to know what the deal was. Needles to say it's Labor Day weekend, so I put myself in even more a FUNK be-cause everyone is out of office and won't respond until Tue. my self inflicted punishment. When I made the "no complaint vow" a small voice inside said " you know I'm gonna prove you, right? At the time I was feeling on top of the world so I said "that's cool" HA! A few hours later, I complained to my girlfriend, who by the way is leaving for ET on the 12th yipee! I new she didn't need to hear it but I knew she would understand. Enty who...patience is a virtue that I will try to put into practice. PEACE

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