Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Number Nine Is Fine!

Today marks our ninth month of waiting for a referral. I'm happy that we've come this far in the process. When we first started, the wait was four months, then 6, 10...I don't know what their saying the wait is now. Someone mentioned 13 months. I know that it will happen in His perfect timing, so there really is no rush that I feel. What is affecting me is not knowing the time. I am a planner and I like to know what I will be doing and when I will be doing it and who I will be doing it with. I have what the weather will be like when we travel to Ethiopia. What size baby clothes to buy, you know the basics. But it's all good, it's part of the experience. I feel blessed to go through it and have these feelings and emotions to share with my daughter so she knows that she was much anticipated, loved and planned for. So I work with what I have and I leave the rest to God. I'm trying to stay focused on the assignment in front of me. Although people and circumstances try to steal my attention with foolishness, I quickly re-focus my attention on God and the assignment. Who cares if folks don't understand that you can't give your time and attention to this or that, they are entitled to their opinions. Because that is all it is...opinion, not fact! As long as I/we focus on staying with in the PERFECT will of God we will be just fine, as fine as the number nine!
PS. we got the crib a couple weeks ago and yesterday I got the travel system and found a chic diaper bag to boot! The diaper bag is usually on the high end ($299) but I was blessed to get it for $59 with a free tote! Getting a deal is always fun.


Angela said...

I like this post!

Shawn said...

Congrats on making it this far! We are waiting for a court date, and it is killing me!

Deanna said...

wow,9 months and still staying strong! Very impressive! It was this time last year that we were waiting for our second court date. It trully is just a distant memory. I also needed to know every detail and packed enough to clothe an army. Our luggage never made it and we managed with just what was in our carry on! IT DOES NOT MATTER what size clothes you bring, they will fit. Either too small or too big it trully doesn't matter. I hope you get the call soon. I can't wait to see pics and have another Ethiopian playdate for Ayana

Latanya said...

God bless you and your family. I absolutely love this blog site! I can't wait till she gets here either. But then again, you'll have all the fun of being her mom, friend,and playmate. Also, you will have the priviledge of raising a queen for God. She's going to be awesome!