Sunday, January 24, 2010

Passed the One Year Mark

Today makes one year and 3 days on the wait list. I feel like the moment is near, but I try not to get my hopes up on any given day. There have been no referrals reported in the past two weeks. I hope and pray that the next flood of referrals that come in is my baby girl. I feel a prayer coming on:
Father in the name of Jesus send (soon) the referral of my child. Arrest any hindrances that may come to try to hold up our family's adoption. Even now oh Lord, keep and protect her from all hurt harm or danger. Provide and meet her needs and the needs of her caregivers. Send hope to her birth-family, bless them for loving her enough to give her the opportunity to live the life that you intended for her. Lord I know this is your will and I know that you have a purpose for this adoption...order our steps, be a light unto our path. I send this prayer up, not only for me but for all the children and families waiting to be united...waiting for referral, court dates, travel, escort...I pray for all workers that are involved in the adoption process from agency workers to orphanage workers. Father let your grace be on each one of them. Let your grace be upon the judges in Ethiopia to do there jobs in excellence and let it be on the attorney's that they will work diligently to accomplish all that is needed to connect the children to forever families. Father-God grant traveling mercies to all who are going and returning with there little blessings. Holy Spirit intercede for the things that I don't see or understand.... In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray... Amen!

PS. Lord-God send now the resources, complete this adoption. In Jesus' name. There is a song that we sing in church it goes:
My God is more than enough He will supply all my needs He is my Elshaddai He always looks out for me. Jehovah Jireh...He is my God!


Ash said...

Amen! Ask and Ye shall receive.
Blessings to you as you wait,

Latanya said...

Amen and Amen! God Bless.

Team Chain said...

Thank you Ash and Latanya for standing in agreement with me! God bless you.