Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's official! I am the parent of a teenager. My daughter and oldest child turned 13 years old. She is sooo beautiful and full of potential. For her birthday she went out on her first date with the nice guy in the picture. Her father my sweet husband was proud to have her on his arm that night. He actually picked out the cutest outfit and accessories for their date. They enjoyed a meal at Olive Garden and walked around Books-A-Million...how sweet is that! As my first born turns thirteen I realize that we have been on the wait list for referral for 13 months. Our adoption consultant says that it shouldn't be long before we get "the call", all we need is a good handful of baby girls. In the meantime we take care of documents that need to be updated as to not interfere with travel. Next month we re-take our fingerprints. I was surprised at how quickly we got an appointment. We already did an updated home study so I would say we are at a good point...just waiting.


Latanya said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW What an awsome picture! God Bless

Alida said...

Oh, Toni.... she is beautiful ... happy belated birthday and many many blessings to your oldest!
Hang in there, at 13 months wait it cannot be too much longer now ... good thing though you're taking care of paperwork updates in the meantime! Can't wait for your call .... I hoped it would've came sooner so that I could've been one of the first people to bring you back pictures and video of your precious babygirl!!! Well, with all these kiddos leaving the HOH - at least 25 (but really more) ... there will be room for more little ones to come and wait for their families!

Team Chain said...

@ Latanya, Thank you soooo much! @ Alida, Thank you I hope March is the Magic Month for referrals. We hanging , just waiting for the call. How are your preparations going for little Nyla Hanna?