Friday, June 11, 2010

For The Glory Of Love

My husband and I got our travel vaccines the day after we got the call for our referral. We went to a local travel clinic. It was a pretty cool experience, the walls had world map murals on them and there were corners of the clinic set up with vintage luggage...very cool. So we both got the typhoid, yellow fever, Hep A&B, and Tetanus. OUCH IE! OMG it felt like my arm was going to fall off. They said that there may be a possibility that we may feel a little fluish, but I wasn't worried about that, I was still flying high off of the day before. Well how about later that evening I felt flush, not quite like myself. Hubby made me go to bed early just to get some rest because I was a little sleep deprived. I felt worse and worse until I found myself taking cold and flu medicine that didn't quite alleviate the symptoms. I was seriously ill! I had almost every symptom that the discharge paper said I would have plus some! One night I realized that I had a tender lump under my armpit. It was so painful that I couldn't put my arm down I had to sleep with it above my head:-( I finally went to the doctor and she said that it was a moderate reaction to the vaccines. A week later I started to re-coop. Wow, I had to be the small percentage of people that gets sick, right!?!? I guess that was the exchange for labor...HA! It's all for the glory of love and I would do it all again . Oh yeah I have to go back for the next round of HEP and this time I'm getting the meningitis. I sure hope this time around isn't as dramatic. As far as the adoption goes, we are awaiting word of our court date. You may already know that Ethiopia is now requiring adoptive parents to appear in court along with a birth relative, so we will be traveling for that. I've heard that the court date usually comes 4-6 weeks after referral, so we are almost four weeks in...soon before courts close for the rainy season, please Lord! So for know we are contacting travel agents and inquiring about the journey ahead. The good thing is the kids are out for SUMMER VACATION, so our travels won't interfere with school. There are some really nice families that are ET now and they offered to bring back pictures of my sweet peach...Oh I can't wait! In the mean time for fun I'm filling her armoire with the cutest close, shoes, and let's not forget about accessories! Tomorrow my family and I are going to visit our two favorite Habesha girls. It's always a joy to hang out with fellow adoptive families. I can't wait until my baby girl completes the trio. I just thank my Father (God) for His many blessings. He is truly good!

PS: I saw this poster somewhere and I thought it was funny but true. Just know that the tears are more often tears of joy:-)


LIfe A Bit Sweeter (Michelle) said...

Hope things progress quickly before court closes. All the best!

Team Chain said...

Thank you Michelle!