Thursday, December 3, 2009


My friend Jenni passed court for her precious baby girl. She got some updated pictures and I must say little "S" is a beauty queen in the making. I'm so happy for them, they waited for sooo long and soon they will be together forever.

CHI had 3 referrals this far. That's great news! 2 infant girls and 1 little prince. Several families received court dates we are progressing as an agency and individually. I pray that the referrals/court dates keep coming consistantly. Last week there were no referrals, I think that's because it was the Thanksgiving holiday and the agency offices were closed for a few days. I'm still hoping that my referral will come in by the end of the month. Someone said that the wait times are now 14-15 months. God only knows...I don't. I will stay the course. I must tell myself that and believe it. It's not's not, but I encourage myself and I look to my fellow adoption sojourners for strength. I know i'll soon be reporting my good news but until then I will rejoice with those who are rejoicing!


Alida said...

Hang in there Toni .... u must've heard it a million times over already ... but it'll come when you least expect it!!!! Keeping you in my prayers.

I'm still waiting for a court date ..... I don't know which ones harder: the waiting of a referral .... or the waiting of a court date .... at the moment, it seems unbearable .... but the good thing is that I got new pics of my little princess, and videos, opening up the gifts I sent her .... she looked sooo happy .... I must've seen the video maybe 80 times already, and still I get teary-eyed every time I look at it again.

So here's to both of us hanging in there: for both of us it'll come when we least expect it!!!

Alida said...

Toni, I awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog!

Team Chain said...

Well Thank you Alida for your words of encouragment. I'm hanging on to every positive word right now. Oh and I humble exceptmy Kreativ Blogger Award! I'd like to give a shot out to God, my manager (Holy Spirit) and myfamily and friends that keep me focused. God Bless!n LOL that's my exceptance speech.

Jenni said...

Thank you sweet Toni! I love to know that you feel my joy and pain..This process is hard and often unbearable, but God is in control! We are waiting on God not man for aour baby girls to come home!! Love you Toni! Jenni