Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Number One

Yesterday was my birthday and yesterday we made it to number one on the official wait list for CHI! Of course I was hoping to receive a referral for my birthday but number one is nice too. I enjoyed the day by relaxing and later that evening I had cake and ice cream and pizza and this and that...I was stuffed! I've informed most of my friends and family that the birthday celebration will continue until the end of the week, so there is still time to get the "BEST GIFT EVER"!

The referrals that were given out yesterday were: A 2.5 month old baby girl and a set of 6 week old girl and boy TWINS! how cool. Last week there was a referral for a 4 year old little boy. I'm happy for the families who have waited and now they get to see the faces of their precious children. I hope to post the big news soon. Until then be blessed and keep us in your prayers.


The Richards said...


Ash said...

Happy Birthday, and may your blessing arrive sooon!! Can not wait to hear about your call, too!
I bet you are on Pins and Needles.
Congratulations on being #1, next stop, Motherhood!! whoo hoo!
Thank you for sharing, what an inspiration you are for your patience.

Freda said...

Congrats, it won't be long now!