Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crafty Mama

I'm so proud of myself. today I made (2) 4 oz jars of natural shea body butter for my husband and kids. Ohh, I already have plans to make tons more...especially when the baby comes, I'd know exactly what's going on her skin. The fragrance for him is called "Boaz" it has a kind of musky sent and the one for the kids is called "Happy Day" it sorta smells like birthday cake (hence the name).

My next project besides the more body butter (excellent for dry skin and hair) I'm going to make some sachets. These will be geared towards infants and toddlers. Hang it by their crib or stick in their drawer to make there clothes smell good. I guess putting my mind, and hands to creating something helps me to be a little more patient while waiting for my preciouse one.

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ChristopherandRenee said...

I know who I'll be coming to for some Shea butter! I'm putting my orders in early......and YES I am reading your blog. Lol